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Today’s the first day of spring! My favorite season! Actually, I think I like all of the seasons but Winter haha.

I haven’t been doing very much these days. Playing too many video games, watching too many shows, and going on the internet too much.

I’ve been playing maplestory obsessively, and working on my blanket a lot. :) Still haven’t finished The Hobbit, and I started reading Specials, but I got a little bored like 1/3 through. I picked up This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen at the library last week, so I’ve been reading that all day. I’m already halfway through! I’ll probably finish it in like 3 days.

I really want to cut my hair short, but I’m nervous that it’ll look weird. I tried to get an appointment today, but it didn’t work out. I applied for a job at PETCO this weekned. It’d be fun, but I don’t know if it’ll work out since I’m not 18 yet and I haven’t graduated. Ohwell!

This is a terrible blog post haha SO MUCH RAMBLING. ohwell.

I think I might make a new blog because this wordpress thing isn’t working out so well. I’m getting too lazy! Maybe I don’t even need a blog. My life isn’t that exciting anyway!

I was reading Teen Vogue yesterday and I find it extremely hard to look at the advertisements. They’re all beautiful, but so fake. Just looking at one woman is strange because her face is a perfect gradient. Real people’s skin does not look that way. I saw a picture of Amanda Seyfried, but I almost didn’t recognize her because they had edited her face so much. The products look fake; the backgrounds look fake; the people look fake. I don’t see how people think that is attractive. I like things to look real. Nice, but REAL. I look up to beautiful models and actresses– not to digital artists and photoshop pros. Well, I do, but for different subjects. I don’t understand how other people could degrade themselves and feel down in the dumps because they don’t look like the women in magazines when the people in magazines are so not normal.

This has also been bothering me with all of the Hunger Games press. Jennifer Lawrence is beautiful, but on the magazine covers, she looks like a different person. Super glamorized and her face has been scrubbed clean of every single imperfection. She looks plastic. It’s such a contrast from her videos or her in-person appearances where she makes funny faces and is so real. It’s a crazy world we live in.

My post took on a serious tone, but that’s just what happens I guess. I’m very excited for the movie on friday though. I’m a little worried that I’ll hear crazy reactions at school on friday after the premier and it might ruin the movie for me.

Time to move on!


Trying to be poetic with my title. lol

Why is it so hard to make plans with someone? This has come up so many times with almost all of my friends. We try to get together, but either we can never find a time when both people (or everyone with the large groups) is free or people bail at the last minute. Often times someone is too  lazy to ask their parents for permission or too lazy to just leave their house.

No matter the reason for the delay or lack of hang-outs, it’s always disappointing. I’ll try to keep this in mind next time I don’t feel like going out to meet my friends when they invite me.

In other news, I read all of the hunger games books in less than one week. My favorite was definitely the second book and I’m for team Peeta. The third books was completely and utterly depressing. All of the death made me very upset and hijacked Peeta. So many times while reading I wanted to cry. But I didn’t because I don’t cry while reading books.

Well, after I finished I ran around school for a couple days asking everyone if they had read the hunger games. I wanted someone to talk to it about, but there wasn’t much conversation to be found with anyone. I followed a bunch of hunger games blogs and my tumblr is currently filled with hunger games reblogs. It all makes me happy and I don’t regret it at all.

After finishing the Hunger Games, I decided to finally re-read all of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians books since I never read the last book and I own them all. heehee I have a bad habit of not reading the books I own and instead reading library books. I finished the third book last night. I think I’ll read A Stranger on the Planet by Adam Schwarts before I start reading the 4th book though. My sister gave it to me for Christmas. Adam Schwarts was one of her teachers. I hope it’s an interesting book.

I finished yet another book! It makes me really happy that I have time to read, and to read so much. I read the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins  in like two days. :)

I admired Katniss a lot. She’s very strong and clever. Her situation with her mother was a bit strange, but I felt really bad for her when she was starving. I didn’t like Peeta much in the beginning of the book and it wasn’t until they were dying in the cave that I liked him at all. He’s still incompetent and not skilled at living in the woods at all. But once they were acting like lovers I was happy for them. I think that Katniss loves Gale, but she just never let herself before. I hope they can get together in the next book. I loved Rue a lot. She was so tiny and useful and loyal and cute. She reminded me of not a monkey, but I’m not sure what. haha I just picture a small woodland animal. and I liked Thresh a lot. He seemed really loyal and nice. Of course, the Career Tributes were disgusting. And all the parts where they were poisoned was terrible. And although Haymitch was gross and drunk in the beginning, he really pulled through for Katniss, so I liked him by the end. Cinna was always one of the best. I was glad that he wasn’t crazy haha.

I loved how Katniss fought with a bow and arrow. I don’t know why I like it so much in like everything. haha. Reading things like this makes me really wish that I knew how to fight like them. I get the same feeling when I play video games or when I read any of the Tortall books. The adventure and fighting. I don’t know why I like it that much lol. But then again, fighting, especially with swords or bows is so utterly useless in life today. x.x I’ll get over it eventually.

I’m not really sure how to judge if it was good writing or not, but it definitely made me want to keep reading. At the end of a chapter my heart clenched and I was excited or worried for what was to come. I can understand why people love these books. they’re so intense and emotionally charged its crazy. I hope I can find the motivation to read the other books soon. but until then, I’m going to re-read the Percy Jackson books and finally read the Last Olympian

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