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I feel so listless today! I just can’t bring myself to do any of my homework or anything else even remotely useful. Today I’m drinking Harney & Sons Paris Tea. I’ve had this tea for a long time, but I rarely ever drink it, I completely forgot what it tasted like! I like to keep a fresh pot of tea around to warm my hands on chilly days like today.

I have to read Oedipus The King for class. It’s a sad story. I’ve read part of it before, but this is my first time reading the whole thing. I think after I write this I’ll finish my physics homework then snuggle up in bed and read the play.

I was just thinking today about how much I miss my digital photography class that I took last year. I wonder if my teacher misses me at all. Probably not though. I don’t think he liked my photos very much.

Anyway, I logged into my flickr account(which hasn’t been touched since June!) to look at my photos, but I couldn’t even remember my log in! I had to look it up. silly me!

click through for the flickr page!

This is one of my favorite pictures. :) I think I took this around February last year. I wouldn’t mind visiting that cafe again for this hot chocolate! It was delicious! Looking back, I really miss the hours I got to spend editing pictures. It was very relaxing. Most of the pictures on my Flickr look nothing like what I actually took a picture of. I loved watching the photos transform into flawless scenes!

Well, I hope you all are having a lovely Sunday. I’m off to do more work! :) I hope you all find some inspiration every day!!


Today I’m drinking Decaf Carol tea, again from Lupicia. The flavor is fruity because of the strawberry ingredients and it tastes really nice warm or cold. I’m also eating some Pillsbury cookies that I made last night.(I wouldn’t buy from this website, but I just wanted to show what I was talking about!) I admit, I’m lazy, so I don’t make cookies from scratch, but it was definitely strange baking cookies from a sausage-like wrapper. But they turned out really yummy! Probably the best cookies I’ve eaten in a while. Definitely crispy cookies. Not soft cookies.

This morning my mom and I went to Japantown in San Jose for the Japanese American Museum of San Jose Winter Boutique. Its always nice to visit Japantown since we don’t get to visit very often. There was a lot of nice stuff there, and a LOT of spam musubi everywhere! to eat, to wear, to put your blanket in, it was a spam musubi lover’s heaven!

Right when we walked into the community center where the Boutique was, there was a wonderful stall with all sorts of handcrafted goods! Cross stitch coasters, quilted wallets, knit blankets, and crocheted pot holders! There were even a few granny square blankets, which I’m totally in love with! Here are the spoils of our conquest!

I love the intricate designs! I sat for about 10 minutes when we got home just examining the circles! I definitely want to try to make something of this kind. I think it’s just wonderful!

After we finished looking around,(there wasn’t much else that was exciting there. Just a few pins and tshirts really) My mom and I went to our favorite dango shop and bought a bunch of sweets to take home. Then we stopped at Nijiya grocery store to get a bunch of sushi and fish to take home for lunch. :) The saba was super yummy. One of my favorite things! :D

saving them for later! :) Well, I’m off to refill my teacup and maybe write the beginnings of an essay. I’m feeling fueled to crochet more and finish my blanket! This week for sure I’m going to go see if I can get some more red yarn. :)

Keep warm! ♥


today’s a pretty special day! But I don’t have anything that exciting to post about oops! I’ve been saving pictures for a few days now, and haven’t gotten around to posting them and writing up a post. I need to figure out a better way to get my photos from my phone to my blog!

This week my mom bought me some really nice boots! They’re RocketDog brand, which is super comfy. They have a heel, but since it’s a thick heel, I can wear these to school and walk around all day easily.

I volunteer at the library, and as I was getting in my car to go home, I looked up and saw the most beautiful purple sky. So I snapped a picture!

nice poll in my picture though. x.x This would have been a lot nicer picture if i could use photoshop again and actually edit photos. :(

Today was a nice relaxing day. All day I was drinking the Lupicia Tea of the Month, Sweet Autum. It’s a nice rooibos tea, and since it’s decaf, I can drink a lot without getting the jitters! :) I only had a free sample, so next time I go to the mall, I will definitely pick up a package of this tea.

I crocheted a few more octagons for my granny octagon blanket, but I’m starting to run out of my red yarn, so I decided to put the red in later. I also ran out of pink yarn, so I started using my 1 pound of purple yarn LOL! Its so much yarn, it’s like a large baby. Maybe I’ll post a picture of it another day. Well, here are the octagons that I haven’t sewn onto the blanket yet! I also haven’t sewn in the ends. x.x I’m dreading doing that.

The purple doesn’t quite match the rest of the blanket, but I guess that’s okay. It’s a hodgepodge of leftovers anyway. :P I need to switch up the order now so that I don’t get any more repeats of the same octagon… Too complicated!

and last, a picture of my front yard today. It started raining, and the leaves were all over the lawn. It looked nice so I took a picture before going out to eat Pho with my mom and dad. :)


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