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I feel so listless today! I just can’t bring myself to do any of my homework or anything else even remotely useful. Today I’m drinking Harney & Sons Paris Tea. I’ve had this tea for a long time, but I rarely ever drink it, I completely forgot what it tasted like! I like to keep a fresh pot of tea around to warm my hands on chilly days like today.

I have to read Oedipus The King for class. It’s a sad story. I’ve read part of it before, but this is my first time reading the whole thing. I think after I write this I’ll finish my physics homework then snuggle up in bed and read the play.

I was just thinking today about how much I miss my digital photography class that I took last year. I wonder if my teacher misses me at all. Probably not though. I don’t think he liked my photos very much.

Anyway, I logged into my flickr account(which hasn’t been touched since June!) to look at my photos, but I couldn’t even remember my log in! I had to look it up. silly me!

click through for the flickr page!

This is one of my favorite pictures. :) I think I took this around February last year. I wouldn’t mind visiting that cafe again for this hot chocolate! It was delicious! Looking back, I really miss the hours I got to spend editing pictures. It was very relaxing. Most of the pictures on my Flickr look nothing like what I actually took a picture of. I loved watching the photos transform into flawless scenes!

Well, I hope you all are having a lovely Sunday. I’m off to do more work! :) I hope you all find some inspiration every day!!


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