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Hello! I am without Internet today so this entry is coming off my iPhone and onto the blog! I’m not sure how it’ll look but we’ll try.
I visited Boston last week to see Boston college and my sisters! There’s so much to do in Boston. It’s such a fun city. 3 days was definitely not long enough to visit! While in Boston I was able to do some crocheting and I bought a few books too! I’ll post them another day when I have pictures. :)
I started a new blanket!! It’s a granny stripe blanket and I got the pattern from Attic24. I think her crochet items are so beautiful because she uses such cheery and pretty colors! I followed her pattern and examined her photos to figure out how to do it. It’s so fun and I just love it! I’ve been taking pictures of my progress like crazy! Here are a few pictures.





I had the blue and white colors already but then I decided that I needed to make this blanket in all different colors so I went to Michael’s and bought tons of this snuggly wuggly yarn. And I shoved them all in one bag to carry around. :)

And right now I’m relaxing chomping on some haribo gummy bears and crocheting away.

It’s a pretty good day despite the Internet being down. Until next time! ☆彡


College applications are done and sent. Today’s the last day of Winter Vacation. It’s regrettable, but I think once I go back to school it won’t be so bad. My puppy is coming on Wednesday this week! :) I’ve been looking forward to this so much. His name’s Godzilla. Anyway, I haven’t been doing much studying, and I haven’t done ANY of my homework which is really bad since school starts tomorrow. ;A; I’ll have to work hard today.

I’ve been working a lot on my granny-octagon blanket and now it’s significantly larger than it was previously!! Seeing it spread out on the floor in my room makes me really happy. Here’s a picture of what it looks like now.

and here‘s what it looked like last time I showed an update. I ran out of red yarn, so I didn’t work on it for quite a while. But then I took a trip to Michael’s and went yarn crazy!! I don’t buy a lot of matching yarn, so the weight of the yarns are all kind of different, but I don’t really mind. I think it makes it feel more home made. :) A lot of the yarn was on sale, so I bought quite a bit.

The biggest red yarn package

I’m not sure what i’m going to use all this yarn for since they don’t really match the colors of my blanket, but I’ll figure something out. :) I also ran out of pink and yellow yarn for my blanket, but then I found little bits in different shades. This blanket is so crazy colored!!! But that’s okay! :) It’s become yarn mania in my room, but it’s not that bad haha. In other news, I opened a new skein of my orange yarn but I couldn’t find the inside string, so I just unraveled the whole skein and wound it into a ball. :( One of these days I’ll catalog all of the yarn I have. Coming soon!! :D

I finally finished reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen! It took quite a few months since reading on my iphone is a little hard, but once I borrowed my sister’s copy of the book, I read it like the speed of lightning! The book is a little hard to get into, but once you get about halfway through, it starts getting really interesting and you can’t stop. The ending of the book was so happy, I was so glad for all of the Bennet girls! Except maybe Lydia haha.

I also read Keeping the Moon, a book by Sarah Dessen that I bought a while ago second hand, but never got around to reading. I have to admit, it’s not as good as the other Sarah Dessen books I’ve read. It was a very quick read though. I read the whole thing in one day. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t what I was expecting from Sarah Dessen to say the least.

Since it’s a new year, there’s also a new Reading Challenge!! :) Last year I started my challenge of 15 books, then when I finished, changed it to 18 and finally ended up reading 20 books. :) I was never much of a reading until recently, so having goodreads and keeping track of my progress makes me really excited. My goal for this year is to read 30 books. I think I can do it easily. I’ve already finished two books and I’m working on another two right now. and the ebooks available for free help motivate me to actually read some of the classics.

Well, I’ve got to get on with the day, so I’ll just post some more pictures of my blanket. :)

this is my favorite octagon in the blanket.

Today I’m drinking Decaf Carol tea, again from Lupicia. The flavor is fruity because of the strawberry ingredients and it tastes really nice warm or cold. I’m also eating some Pillsbury cookies that I made last night.(I wouldn’t buy from this website, but I just wanted to show what I was talking about!) I admit, I’m lazy, so I don’t make cookies from scratch, but it was definitely strange baking cookies from a sausage-like wrapper. But they turned out really yummy! Probably the best cookies I’ve eaten in a while. Definitely crispy cookies. Not soft cookies.

This morning my mom and I went to Japantown in San Jose for the Japanese American Museum of San Jose Winter Boutique. Its always nice to visit Japantown since we don’t get to visit very often. There was a lot of nice stuff there, and a LOT of spam musubi everywhere! to eat, to wear, to put your blanket in, it was a spam musubi lover’s heaven!

Right when we walked into the community center where the Boutique was, there was a wonderful stall with all sorts of handcrafted goods! Cross stitch coasters, quilted wallets, knit blankets, and crocheted pot holders! There were even a few granny square blankets, which I’m totally in love with! Here are the spoils of our conquest!

I love the intricate designs! I sat for about 10 minutes when we got home just examining the circles! I definitely want to try to make something of this kind. I think it’s just wonderful!

After we finished looking around,(there wasn’t much else that was exciting there. Just a few pins and tshirts really) My mom and I went to our favorite dango shop and bought a bunch of sweets to take home. Then we stopped at Nijiya grocery store to get a bunch of sushi and fish to take home for lunch. :) The saba was super yummy. One of my favorite things! :D

saving them for later! :) Well, I’m off to refill my teacup and maybe write the beginnings of an essay. I’m feeling fueled to crochet more and finish my blanket! This week for sure I’m going to go see if I can get some more red yarn. :)

Keep warm! ♥


today’s a pretty special day! But I don’t have anything that exciting to post about oops! I’ve been saving pictures for a few days now, and haven’t gotten around to posting them and writing up a post. I need to figure out a better way to get my photos from my phone to my blog!

This week my mom bought me some really nice boots! They’re RocketDog brand, which is super comfy. They have a heel, but since it’s a thick heel, I can wear these to school and walk around all day easily.

I volunteer at the library, and as I was getting in my car to go home, I looked up and saw the most beautiful purple sky. So I snapped a picture!

nice poll in my picture though. x.x This would have been a lot nicer picture if i could use photoshop again and actually edit photos. :(

Today was a nice relaxing day. All day I was drinking the Lupicia Tea of the Month, Sweet Autum. It’s a nice rooibos tea, and since it’s decaf, I can drink a lot without getting the jitters! :) I only had a free sample, so next time I go to the mall, I will definitely pick up a package of this tea.

I crocheted a few more octagons for my granny octagon blanket, but I’m starting to run out of my red yarn, so I decided to put the red in later. I also ran out of pink yarn, so I started using my 1 pound of purple yarn LOL! Its so much yarn, it’s like a large baby. Maybe I’ll post a picture of it another day. Well, here are the octagons that I haven’t sewn onto the blanket yet! I also haven’t sewn in the ends. x.x I’m dreading doing that.

The purple doesn’t quite match the rest of the blanket, but I guess that’s okay. It’s a hodgepodge of leftovers anyway. :P I need to switch up the order now so that I don’t get any more repeats of the same octagon… Too complicated!

and last, a picture of my front yard today. It started raining, and the leaves were all over the lawn. It looked nice so I took a picture before going out to eat Pho with my mom and dad. :)


This week has been so busy. I wanted to post, but I didn’t have anything to post about!

But I have come and with progress! I’ve been working on putting my blanket together the right way! I messed up a few times and had to undo the stitches, but at the moment, it is mistake free!

Not all of the edges are sewn together yet, but I’m getting there! I only have two more octagons to attach, so I have to start making more again. :P If you look, the closest octagon in the middle row is the same octagon as the one in the middle of the farthest row. Oops! It’s okay though. The blanket is pretty big so far. It’s big enough to cover my entire lap, although it’s a little awkward since there are some splits between the shapes. And here’s the crochet hook that I’ve been using for this project!

My best friend gave it to me with some nice yarn when we were in middle school. ♥ I never used it until I started this project because it looked so impractical, but it proved to be exactly perfect! It’s pretty fat, not sure about the exact size it’d be though.

I’m also collecting starburst wrappers because I want to try to make something with them! I’m not quite sure what though… Maybe something like a starburst bracelet. But I’m not sure how comfortable or practical that’d be… Here’s what I have so far. Not very much, and they’re all orange for some reason!

6 orange, 2 pink, and 1 red. My favorite flavor is red. What’s yours? Do you know any other crafts to make with these wrappers? Maybe I can make some kind of wallet or something. But I’d worry that the wrappers would tear… Well, I’ll keep thinking.

Tonight I’m having a Halloween party! I’m excited for it, even though the planning isn’t going exactly how I had imagined it would… =/ Well, got to make the best of it!

Yesterday I turned in my senior quote too:

Well, there it is.

hee hee. Not exactly cheerful, but it’s from the movie Amadeus which was pretty funny. I think it’s something to keep in mind. Whatever happens, happens. That’s the way it is. “Well, there it is.” It was either this quote, or “Too many notes/words” but that isn’t as easy to understand, and the quote I picked sounds kind of funny anyway. :P

Happy Weekend! :)

So as I was adding another octagon to my blanket, and I realized that there was no way that my blanket would ever lie flat! Mortified, I knew I was doing the pattern wrong and took to the internet to confirm my theory. Sure enough, you’re supposed to make small squares and fit them in between the octagons so that they’ll actually fit together…

Anyway, now my new task is to make as many of the squares as possible and make them the same size to fit with the rest of the blanket. It shouldn’t be TOO hard. I’ll bring some yarn to school and work during lunch or something, since I’m not supposed to be crocheting now. oops!

In other news, I finished my essays for the Common Application! I’ve been working with my parents especially hard this weekend and today, and we finally finished! It was really hard to cut down my personal essay down from 780 words to 500 words. But even still, There’s still a lot of applying left to do. :(

I still have 4 more supplements to send, and I haven’t quite decided what I’m doing with the UCs yet.

I had so much running around to do today! I forgot my physics homework at home, so I had to run home at lunch to get it. But since I had time, I just ate my bento at home which was pretty convenient. And I still got back to school with lots of time to spare! After school I had to go to CVS to buy a battery for my smoke detector which died yesterday. While there I picked up a bunch of tissue boxes because somehow we totally ran out.. And a lot of candy! Very yummy. I’m so prepared for Saturday.

Well, since I’m tired and it’s already this late, so I’ll just leave this and go to sleep. ♥

Justin Bieber’s sounding better lately, but this song is still a little too early in the year. :P

I just finished setting up my first wordpress blog! it seems very nice to use and professional.

I plan to use this blog to track my crafting (hence the blog title), but I might use it for some everyday blogging if I like it a lot.

It’d be nice if I had some readers/followers, but I’m not sure how that really works with this blog. I might just end up going back to tumblr or making a new tumblr. :)

In terms of crafting, today I’m working on weaving in the ends on all of the granny octagons I have made so far. There are about 13 right now, and I already finished 5 of them. I’m excited to make more. Its really fun.

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