Lock and Key

Posted on: January 14, 2012

So a few days ago, I finished reading Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen, and I wanted to write about my thoughts on it. It’s been a few days, so I’m a little worried that I’ve forgotten parts that I wanted to write about… well, here goes.

So the main character is Ruby and her mother abandons her in her house. Her landlords find out and turn her in to child services. She comes to live with her older sister Cora and her husband Jamie. Ruby thought that her sister had abandoned her years ago when she left to go to college, but Ruby’s mother was keeping Cora from taking Ruby away. At her new school and in her new life, Ruby has trouble adjusting at first, but finally starts opening up and letting her family help her and making friends who also help her out. She becomes especially close with her neighbor, Nate, and she starts falling for him.

okay end the book summary there. Now I’ll just say my thoughts. I felt really bad for Ruby and her situation. I didn’t realize how bad she had it until she went back to get some stuff with Nate, and I’m sure that she didn’t notice either. When she was talking about how Cora abandoned her and that part, it made me so sad I almost cried. :( but I didn’t lol. I hardly ever cry when reading books.

I really loved how this book is so intertwined with all of the other Sarah Dessen books. There was Kiki Sparks from Keeping the Moon motivating people to be active, there was Ruby’s not boyfriend Marshall(I’ll get back to this later) living with Rodgerson from Dreamland and he was selling everyone weed, there was Annabel from Just Listen hosting her radio show, and her boyfriend Owen was in Jamie’s subordinate’s anger management class, AND Owen’s little sister and her fashion show friends were at the mall buying things from the stall that Ruby worked at.

I didn’t like how Ruby and Marshall were having a crazy sex only relationship. or “who cares less” relationship. It was sad and pitiful when none of her friends cared about her and left her passed out in the woods. Her “friend” was a pretty despicable girl coming to Ruby’s new house wasted and stuff.

Ohwell, I can’t really think of what else I wanted to write. I’m currently working on the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins


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