Busy Busy

Posted on: October 29, 2011

This week has been so busy. I wanted to post, but I didn’t have anything to post about!

But I have come and with progress! I’ve been working on putting my blanket together the right way! I messed up a few times and had to undo the stitches, but at the moment, it is mistake free!

Not all of the edges are sewn together yet, but I’m getting there! I only have two more octagons to attach, so I have to start making more again. :P If you look, the closest octagon in the middle row is the same octagon as the one in the middle of the farthest row. Oops! It’s okay though. The blanket is pretty big so far. It’s big enough to cover my entire lap, although it’s a little awkward since there are some splits between the shapes. And here’s the crochet hook that I’ve been using for this project!

My best friend gave it to me with some nice yarn when we were in middle school. ♥ I never used it until I started this project because it looked so impractical, but it proved to be exactly perfect! It’s pretty fat, not sure about the exact size it’d be though.

I’m also collecting starburst wrappers because I want to try to make something with them! I’m not quite sure what though… Maybe something like a starburst bracelet. But I’m not sure how comfortable or practical that’d be… Here’s what I have so far. Not very much, and they’re all orange for some reason!

6 orange, 2 pink, and 1 red. My favorite flavor is red. What’s yours? Do you know any other crafts to make with these wrappers? Maybe I can make some kind of wallet or something. But I’d worry that the wrappers would tear… Well, I’ll keep thinking.

Tonight I’m having a Halloween party! I’m excited for it, even though the planning isn’t going exactly how I had imagined it would… =/ Well, got to make the best of it!

Yesterday I turned in my senior quote too:

Well, there it is.

hee hee. Not exactly cheerful, but it’s from the movie Amadeus which was pretty funny. I think it’s something to keep in mind. Whatever happens, happens. That’s the way it is. “Well, there it is.” It was either this quote, or “Too many notes/words” but that isn’t as easy to understand, and the quote I picked sounds kind of funny anyway. :P

Happy Weekend! :)


2 Responses to "Busy Busy"

I think that your blanket looks great and I love your quote. It’s really poignant. You did a great job.

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