crafting mishaps

Posted on: October 24, 2011

So as I was adding another octagon to my blanket, and I realized that there was no way that my blanket would ever lie flat! Mortified, I knew I was doing the pattern wrong and took to the internet to confirm my theory. Sure enough, you’re supposed to make small squares and fit them in between the octagons so that they’ll actually fit together…

Anyway, now my new task is to make as many of the squares as possible and make them the same size to fit with the rest of the blanket. It shouldn’t be TOO hard. I’ll bring some yarn to school and work during lunch or something, since I’m not supposed to be crocheting now. oops!

In other news, I finished my essays for the Common Application! I’ve been working with my parents especially hard this weekend and today, and we finally finished! It was really hard to cut down my personal essay down from 780 words to 500 words. But even still, There’s still a lot of applying left to do. :(

I still have 4 more supplements to send, and I haven’t quite decided what I’m doing with the UCs yet.

I had so much running around to do today! I forgot my physics homework at home, so I had to run home at lunch to get it. But since I had time, I just ate my bento at home which was pretty convenient. And I still got back to school with lots of time to spare! After school I had to go to CVS to buy a battery for my smoke detector which died yesterday. While there I picked up a bunch of tissue boxes because somehow we totally ran out.. And a lot of candy! Very yummy. I’m so prepared for Saturday.

Well, since I’m tired and it’s already this late, so I’ll just leave this and go to sleep. ♥

Justin Bieber’s sounding better lately, but this song is still a little too early in the year. :P


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